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Intercultural communication and cooperation

How do you take account of cultural differences and make them advantages for the group? This workshop is about the cultural challenges that arise, when people from different cultural backgrounds meet face-to-face

We identify and train how to work with and analyze concrete practices that respect cultural differences and how a team might even come out stronger because of them?

intercultural communication - illustration

At the course we are going to discuss what successful cultural communication is

- analyze embodied cultural positions

- Identify cultural challenges

- work with tools that can make us use differences positively

Workshoppen is a mix of theory and exercises, where everyone can participate and contribute. +45 61670611 Download flyer


Intercultural communication workshop

We had the pleasure of meeting sixty employees from the international business line at COWI in Nyborg, Denmark. In the workshop the participants created surprising and interesting visual intercultural images with their bodies, inspired by the five cultural dimensions of the theory by Geert Hofstede.


Welcome and presentation
Icebreakers and teambuilding exercise
Short presentation of the five cultural dimensions by Geert Hofstede
(The five dimensions:
Power distance
Individualism vs. Collectivism
Uncertainty Avoidance
Long-term orientation vs. Short-term orientation.

"A really good and inspiring kick-off about the difficult process it can be, being humans working together", Paul Nørgård, Head of Department, COWI


Report on Impact: Changing perspectives
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