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A project is exactly, what it decides to be, it has meaning inherent in it; you are unable to define it from the outside. It is not contradictory, but possible and coherent as soon as it exists, and it exists, when a person makes it exist.

Simone de Beauvoir, 1962

3D digital learning

Many people, youngsters as well as adults, are attracted to and engaged in digital 3D worlds like Minecraft or World of Warcraft. On these platforms people have free space to fantasize about another reality, communicate safely behind the screen in digital networks and make friends across geographical borders that they exchange ideas and interests with.

Design: Vivian Haugaard Laursen & Dennie Smit

In a collaboration with IT developer Nikolaj and 3D designers Vivian and Dennie, we have created Oligo Academy - a digital learning universe, which extends the possibilities for the participants to engage and interact with each other and a world in 3D, while learning at their own pace.

On the basis of our knowledge of the massive interest that people have in 3D worlds, we have found that digital learning tools have a grand potential to create efficient and inclusive learning and better the quality of learning as a supplement for group learning, distance learning or learning in the classroom. The 3D world is a space where students can let themselves free to dream about a better and more sustainable world.

Design: Vivian Haugaard Laursen & Dennie Smit

Our aim is to make a 3D learning tool that can inspire students and make learning a fun process.

3D wind
Design: Vivian Haugaard Laursen & Dennie Smit

We have spent the last 18 months developing a prototype about CO2 and different forms of energy, where students learn about climate and sustainability issues. An integral component of the learning tool, is that students are invited to take part in future societal planning using 3D objects, explore different energy forms, use their imagination and build innovative solutions using creative building tools.

Chancepartout has developed educational components and tools; a facilitators guide to the 3D learning tool amongst other toolds. We are currently working on creating other learning modules about programming and Syria

Read more about this project at Oligo Academy or contact us for more information if you are interested in a demonstration. Tel: Carina: +45 61 67 06 11.