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Design a conversation-based study

What does it take to attract resources to your organization? What motivates your employees? What do you do to create thrive, and maintain motivation and energy in the daily working life? In this course you will learn to use and create a dialogue-based investigation in understanding of what it is that attracts people to work for exactly your organization and how to support the group dynamic.

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Design your own study - and use it as a tool to enable people to thrive in your organisation

The course is ideal for volunteers and employees in organisations in Denmark that want to carry out small investigations in their own organization. The purpose of designing an investigation is to understand what attracts and motivates the volunteers in their particular organization. During two days the participants are being led through a process, where they have to take decisions on what methods to use reflecting on the actual situation of their organization and the way they communicate.

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This course is participatory and experience based driven, so participants have to practice between the 2nd day and the follow up day one month later to test their study design and interview their volunteers. This is what some of the participants said:

Signe, a participant in the course from the Volunteer Centre at Vesterbro said "a well thought-out course - only after two days you come out with a product (design) that you can actually use".

Mikkel Weber from the organisation for greenlandic children said "I think it has set off some exciting thoughts about how we in The Organisation for Greenlandic Children should work with out volunteers - it was really interesting to interview the volunteers and it gave us a better understanding of why their volunteer with us"

The collaboration continues in 2014. There is another course coming up in the fall 2014. A course description in Danish can be found at the webpage:


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