25th of June


TeaterKlovn - hver mandag

TeaterKlovn - hver onsdag

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25th of June


Teater Klovn sanse og fantasitræning
Photo: Carina Brit Christensen
Amager, Denmark.

Projektet blev støttet af Fonden Ensomme Gamles Værn

Læs mere om projektet på deres hjemmeside her

Læs også en artikel om projektet og eksistentiel klovn i et interview med Antoine Innocente LINK: Link til artikel - klik her

1st of June


Clownessi, Trieste
Photo: From the performance "Clownessi"
Trieste, Italy.

Link: Read more about the workshop in Danish. Click here

18th of February

Commedia dell'arte - The Grotesque

beskriv billedet med tekst
Photo: Antonio Innocente
TeaterHuset, Copenhagen C.

Det Groteske
Commedia dell’Arte in viaggio da Salice Salentino a Copenaghen
CHANCEPARTOUT og TEATRO INNOCENTE organiserer forårets ‘Commedia Dell’Arte–kursus. Teaterinteresserede og nysgerrige, der ønsker at undersøge maskernes poesi, er alle velkomne til at deltage i dette laboratorium, der vil undersøge komiske kompositioner. Undervisningen foretages af maestra Sandra Cavallini www.sandracavallini.it

Masken er et udtryksfuldt redskab, som kalder på en komposition, der går ud fra kroppen via gestik, åndedrættet og stemmens udtryk. Med masken inviteres vi ind i det naturlige, det simple, det instinktive, det irrationelle; vi dykker ind i vores egen skøre og sjove underverden, som returnerer kreativitet og genererer energi.

The comic mask is an extraordinary expressive tool that calls for the overcoming of the literary rigor in favor of a composition of the body, gesture, breath and vocal expressiveness. The comic mask takes us into the natural, into the simple, into the instinctive, into the irrational: a joyous and crazy under wood that returns creativity and generates energy.
– En udtryksfuld og teknisk tilgang til den komiske maske.
– Traditionelle masker: de stereotype, Commedia Dell’ Artes arketyper;
– Kvindelige masker: det forbudte sprog for det groteske;
– Flersproglighed og masken, sprogene for det dybsindige
Hvornår: 15, 16, og 17. Marts 2019 – fredag 19-22, lørdag 11-17, søndag 11-17.
Hvor: X-act studio, Struensegade 15A, København N.
Der er begrænsede pladser på kurset.
Undervisningen foregår på Italiensk med oversættelse til engelsk og dansk.
For mere information og tilmelding:
Kontakt: carina@chancepartout.dk

LINK: Sandra Cavallini web


16th of June

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15th of June


Exciting Commedia dell'Arte course coming up with Sandra Cavallini, who is worldknown for her interpretation and research on female masks.

Have a look at her video below, where she shows her work with five different masks.

Read more about the course here.

9th of May



22th of February


Skab kontakt

To sign up for the event or for more information, please contact carina@chancepartout.dk

18th of February

NEW Intensive Course: The Theatre meets the Clown


Read more about our clown courses by clicking here.


14th of December

NEW Long Theatre Clown course in Copenhagen


Read more about the course by clicking here.

25th of October

Clown course coming up: The body of the clown


More theatre-clown coming up

Read more about our collaboration here by clicking here .

5th of October

Clown course - the look of the clown


Coming up a new course. 14. & 15. October 2017: LO SGUARDO DEL CLOWN The look of the clown - an intensive Theatre-clown course

To be a clown and more than anything to live as a clown, is somehow the essence of doing theatre and it helps us to listen to the vital part of ourselves, our own life processes, at the scene, in the theatre in our lives every day, where we get closer to our instinct to play, to our fears, our fragile parts and our strengths.

The look of the Clown is a part of the game and the exploration and the intensive moment. An intensive course with a focus on presence, body, voice and mimic, to get to know and to approach the extraordinary about being a clown.
Read more about the event here by clicking here .

9th of August

Clown course - in the nature

Resistance - illustration

In an ongoing colaboration with Antoine Innocente, we are arranging clown courses. Courses about training the body and voice - and presence - training both for the artist or the teacher, who would like to get to know oneself and his or her strengths better through theatre and clown techniques, and for the person wanting to find his or her inner clown.
Read more about our courses by clicking here and more to come about our ideas for why we are fascinated by the clown.

26th of June

New course: Resistance - at play

Resistance - illustration
Emily Ball
Floating World - Learning to swim

We are happy to be able to use the piece by Emily Ball, Floating World - Learning to swim - as an illustration for a course about resistance to learning. We have used this artpiece as an illustration because it brings various interpretations, just like resistance to learning can have many explications and nuances. It brings associations to individuals being in a world in constant movement, like liquid that is a substance that constantly moves. In a world today that is very different from the world 50 years ago, which makes learning a more complex proces - because norms and rules constantly change, amongst other things. This fact also requieres new skills of the educator or teacher that has to teach how to navigate this world. Not an easy task.
Read more about the course (in Danish) under courses.
Emily Ball is a director of a contemporary Painting and Drawing School in West Sussex. See more here: www.emilyballatseawhite.co.uk or www.emilyball.net.

30th of May

New products: Lectures and presentations

Photo: Naty Cuadrado
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Check out our lectures under products (only in Danish).

22th of May

Motivation and participation - using the body as a mirror

foro de juego

This is a new course about motivation and participation. Check it out under courses

20th of May

Clown and Theater course in Copenhagen


We have invited Antoine Innocente, a clown from Italy to Denmark to do a clown and theater course on the 10.th and the 11th of June - don't miss it.

Follow the event here on Facebook

9th of May

Intercultural communication course at IUT, Angers, France

We were in Angers (Institute Universitaire de Technologie) in France teaching 5 classes of students how to analyze different groups and their intercultural communication, in meetings, when negotiating, or collaborating. We used their bodies as research objects, while looking for opportunities and openings presented in cultural meetings. This was a rewarding, fun, and inspiring week on a personal level.

IUT, Angers

15th of March

Forumplay in Argentina

foro de juego

We highly recommend forumplay, a training tecnique that we offer as a tool to work deeper with the content learned (for instance, new comunication strategies), and it is highly relevant as a tool to deal with situations that can be difficult or to prepare for a new situation (for instance how to fill out a new role as a leader managing a new group). We work around the most important themes, creating scenarios with the participants that are close to real-life, and work on how to respond to them in new ways using all the human resources; ideas and input, and experiences of the participants.

At the moment, we have an event in Buenos Aires on the 25. of march, and other events are coming up.

Check out our new events and courses in Argentina https://www.facebook.com/chancepartoutlatinamerica/?fref=ts

3rd of January

Planning the year 2017

This year many things are on the drawing board. For now, we have created an instagram account. Check it out Chancepartoutlearning


12th of July

Article & photos from a well-visited workshop in Larroque, Argentina

Alternative learning

Here is a short article about a workshop we gave in Larroque on Alternative Learning. Up to a 100 people showed up with a great deal of curiousity. We are invited back to give more workshops. Read more about the event on our facebook page or press here: Article on alternative learning

16th of June

Invitation to a workshop on Alternative learning

Alternative learning

On the 22nd of June we will be giving a workshop on alternative learning in collaboration with the local museum, and the teacher school in Larroque, Entre Rios, Argentina. It is directed at all levels of teachers and everyone interested in learning about how to create new spaces for learning. Read more about the program here on facebook Press here

30th of May

I N V I T A T I O N til deltagelse i spørgeskemaundersøgelse - savner du nye værktøjer i din undervisning i dansk som fremmedsprog?

I det sidste stykke tid har vi arbejdet på at udvikle alternative værktøjer til den måde vi traditionelt underviser i dansk på som fremmedsprog. Og nu har vi brug for din hjælp.

Vi inviterer alle sproglærere til at deltage i en kort undersøgelse. Det tager 10 min at udfylde det.Tryk her for at komme til undersøgelsen Del den endelig med kolleger og andre interesserede. Vi kvitterer med en gratis folder der indeholder information om undersøgelsens resultater og de fælles udfordringer som sproglærere har tilfælles, samt inspiration og forslag til, hvordan de kan gribes an.

15th of april

3D project looking for funding


The 3D project is now up on Kickstarter! Press here for the Link Check it out and share it with people you know, who might be interested in 3D programming, Climate change, new learning tools or something else, maybe. We have 30 days to collect some funds.

4th of December

New article up on the web on EXPERIENCE

Motivation opstår i mødet

Our first experience-based article about motivation in Danish. More coming up with other themes.The next will be about the future workshop method.

Read the full article here here Motivation opstår i mødet

3rd of December

3D learning tool video - have a look

Here is a short video in Danish to the 3D learning tool "Energy Matters". It is in the making. And soon there will be an English version, w/o Spanish subtitles. Read more about the project here: 3D Digital Learning. Enjoy!

28th of October

Energy matters - our new first learning module in a 3D online world

workshop in 3D
Carina Brit Christensen

We are happy to write that we are in the process of testing a 3D digital learning prototype tool! We have, for the past year, been collaborating with Oligo Academy in the creation of a 3D virtual world as a new platform for learning.

Here, a picture from the workshop where 54 students from 5.th and 6th grade were testing the concept. They were engaged and had fun, while learning about different types of energies and how to save the earth. This is what we are aiming for.

Read more about the project here 3D digital learning

28th of Juli

New educational tools in virtual worlds!

Tree woman
Design: Vivian Haugaard Laursen

At the moment, Chancepartout is developing learning tools for a 3D virtual world (open sim.) which will eventually become an alternative learning platform for high impact learning and inclusion of All schoolchildren in a classroom. We are working around the theme of climate and sustainability for 5 to 6th graders. This is very exciting to take part in!

11th of May

Network: Motivation and thrive in organizations

Read about the network (In Danish). Press here to go the website

Participants from the previously held courses about motivation and thrive have been invited to join this network. We are going to dive deeper into our conversation based tools and investigations, and how to implement our research and make meaning of it, keeping ethics in mind. We are meeting up for a full day on the 13th of May, the 2nd of June from 17.30-20.30, and a half day after the Summer.

20th of March

Have a look at this reflection tool

Reflection model for qualitative investigation

Here, an example of a reflection tool we use at the course where we teach about how to discover what thrives and motivates your co-workers or employees through asking the right questions in a systematic way.
Check out our material site http://www.chancepartout.dk/om.html#

21th of February


puppet flyer
Photo: Carina Brit Christensen
Noerrebro, Denmark.

Here is our new flyer for Puppet-forum-play, which is an excellent alternative learning tool for voicing and playing with dilemmas and conflictual situations, in order to find new ways of solving them.


15th of December

What is successful cultural communication?

This is the headline of a workshop in Paris that Chancepartout, Cecilie and Carina, will give participants in Maison du Danemark on the 15th of January, arranged by DJØF in France. This workshop gives theoretical and practical tools on how to identify, challenge and develop your cultural competencies, as a new mover or an experienced Dane in Paris.


17th of October


Forum Play at a primary school
Irazusta, Argentina.

El martes, la semana pasada, discutimos "bullying" en una escuela secundaria en Irazusta, Entre Ríos, Argentina. Los adolescentes crearon dos situaciones de su realidad y lo presentaron a sus compañeros y a partir de allí discutimos diferentes maneras de actuar cuando se es víctima de bullying. Por ejemplo, que se puede responder cuando uno llama "negro" o "gordo" a otro/a. Ejercitamos diferentes ideas para analizar y neutralizar dichos comportamientos usando las situaciones que habían creado. En este secundario había una necesidad de hablar sobre las experiencias que tenian los alumnos sobre el "bullying" y grupalmente eschucharse y compartir sus problemas.

Last Tuesday, we discussed bullying with a group of twelve teenagers in the secondary school in Irazusta, Entre Rios, using the method forum play. We played games and made two short pieces of theater showing bullying, and then we tried out different ways to react and respond to it. For instance, when someone calls you "fat" or "negro", what do you say? or what to do when someone puts a nude picture up of you on Facebook? It was the first time these kids played this type of game and some were shy at first. Others tried to bully, while discussing bullying, but soon they took it seriously, and did their best and it went ok well. We assume they liked it, they invited us to come back and do it again...

15th of May


britandersen reception
Photo: Carina Brit Christensen
Sugarswan exposed at MBK, Pilestræde, Copenhagen.

Last week, Chancepartout held a course about volunteer motivation and welfare in Copenhagen. The space, especially the room, where we could provide ourselves with coffee and chocolate, was full of interesting art pieces. ”Spending two days of talking about how we are doing is a rare phenomenon, when we constantly have to run to find resources” a participant from the course said. Understanding our volunteers (or co-workers) is rarely seen happening just by using a questionnaire - it demands conversation, which opens up for inspiration and renewal. It is worthwhile to stop, at least once in a while, and wonder together - like when we crowd around a piece of art and look at it from different angles.

6th of May


Photo & Artist: Mikkeline W. Gudmand-Høyer

Cecilie is a colleague from good old times working with trainings in Action Aid, Denmark. For cosmic reasons and facebook, we ended up connecting again, and Cecilie is now a part of the educational consultants working for Chancepartout! Cecilie brings lots of enthusiasm and onward positive energy, inspiring experiences and many skills. We are very happy to have her onboard.

Read about: Cecilie Holdt Rude

5th of May


In three days this course will take place in the midst of Copenhagen with participants from many different organisations! Looking forward to meeting all these people.

Frivilliges motivation og trivsel

26th of February


Life Celebration Project

Over the last few months, Carina from Chancepartout has been meeting interesting people in Lyon and Paris, while taking part in the development of a new organization that is here to celebrate life. The project is artistic involving visual and music art, exchange of jazz instruments, dance and movement, life and death in jazz funerals from New Orleans and much more, also education. At this very moment, Chancepartout is designing a creative educational program for the organization.

The vibrant project we call the ‘Life Celebration Project’ now exists in Lyon, and before long it will be founded in Paris.

You can read more about the organisation here: in French and in English.

30th of January


britandersen reception
Photo: Charly Ngigi
Beboerhuset Onkel Dannys plads, Copenhagen.

On a snowy weeknight, Britandersen celebrated future customers that are highly interested in participatory practices, and the launch of the website: britandersen.dk. There were musicians playing Bossa Nova tunes, red dialogue wine, puppet forum theater, and good time for discussion.

26th of January


Så er evalueringskurset online på frivillighed.dk! Et kursus i maj er allerede planlagt, og så må vi se hvad det nye år bringer af invitationer. Vi er spændte.

Today Chancepartout appears in an online catalogue for courses free of charge for voluntary workers in DK. It’s really exciting! The course carries the title ”Volunteer motivation and their welfare”, and it is about discovering what attracts the volunteers and what it is that keeps them inspired in the organization. - How to ask the right questions in dialogue and use face to face interviews as a way to investigate the volunteer motivation. The participants joining the course will use tools to design an investigation made to fit the needs of their organisations and reflect on how to use those data in the future development of the organisation for development.

So far, one course has been planned for the 8th. + the 9th. of May 2014 with a follow up date in June.

Read more: frivillighed.dk


24th of November


britandersen forumspil

When developing an alternative learning tool, a central component of the design is training i.e. by using forum play. Forumplay is an excellent tool for giving thoughts and ideas a bodily shape and movement.

Forum Play is a case based roleplaying learning method for training difficult and conflictual situations with the purpose of achieving new perspectives and means of action. We use forumplay as a preferred method for training situations in courses and on the side, Carina is working with Simon in a company that works solely with forumplay.

Here is the link to the brand new website: britandersen.dk

27th of August


This coming Wednedsday Chancepartout gives a ‘tacticworkshop’ at the course Creative Activism at MS ActionAid Denmark. Using forumplay we explore how it is possible through interactive methods to put focus on social issues. Read more about the creative activism course by pressing the link below. The course is given in danish.

Creative Activism course

16th of August


EVAs værksted
Photo: Carina Brit Christensen
Johns workshop in Saxogade, Copenhagen.

In less than a month, Evaluation will reveal itself as an artform someplace in Copenhagen. In collaboration with Frivilligcenter Vesterbro/Kgs. Enghave/Valby and Foreningsfundamentet, Chancepartout gives the course 'Introduction to Evaluation’. This particular course is for volunteers and employees in volunteer organisations in three different local communities in Copenhagen that want to learn about evaluation methods and carry out a small investigation in their own organization. This course is in danish but is soon to be translated into english.

26th of Juli

Here is a short video about the aesthetic room - it is a key concept in the learning tool Forum play. This is the first 'concept video' out of more to come in the future.

9th of June


grafitti væg
Photo: Carina Brit Christensen
Las Águilas, Mexico City.

Heads up: A three-day facilitators course for social change is under development. It focuses on how to facilitate aesthetical learning processes, and how to work with resistance in the group processes. The course will be announced soon.